Duane Johnson

Keir Johnson

Joe Karpati
Director of Marketing

When Joe is not cooking, volunteering at his church, being a family man or waiting for that winning season in Longhorn Football, he loves to geek out with fellow marketers on the latest and greatest marketing hacks.

From the depths of the Eyes of Texas Joe emerged with a burnt orange passion for creative communication and marketing. Armed with his shining personality and 20 years in marketing, Joe joined HCI in 2018 to support the “heavy hitting” sales team in bringing the best communication solutions to the industry.

HCI is a natural fit for me. An organization with a superb Executive Management team an aggressive vision of the future, a sales team in a league all its own, and a corky family-oriented personality. Hard not to want to be part of that!

Jason LaBrose
Vice President of Sales

When it involves a two-way radio, Jason LaBrose has probably dealt with it, seen it, or handled it in one way or another. He joined the HCI team back in 1998 eager to learn about this new product line he was about to take on. Coming from a background of retail sales this was a new venture he was ready to take on. Here we are years later and HCI still can’t get rid of him.

Jason has proven himself time and time again as being one of the top dealer sales representatives for Motorola Solutions over the past years earning his way in to the Motorola Heavy Hitter Club for the past 5 years consecutively. As of 2016 Jason was promoted to Sales Manager and recently to VP of Sales and has thrived in the position.

Away from HCI, Jason is running a fast-paced schedule with his 3 kids and wife. The kids sport and schooling keep him more than busy while away from HCI but he loves every minute.

“The atmosphere at HCI has not changed over the years which has kept me enjoying the job. We try to project our family feel over to our clients which I think makes HCI stand out in the herd.”