Simplifying Cellular Coverage

QUATRA is a scalable, carrier-approved, and affordable in-building cellular solution that solves coverage issues in middleprise venues. As a unique active DAS hybrid solution, QUATRA is the newest answer in the market for spotty cellular coverage, poor voice quality, dropped calls, and dead zones that continue to plague employees and visitors in middleprise buildings (10,000 – 500,000 square feet).

What makes QUATRA different?

Unlike a passive DAS – where the cellular signal is distributed as analog RF from the head end over coax cable and loses power as it travels from the signal source – QUATRA uses scalable digital technology that delivers a cellular signal that is 1000x stronger at the end point. QUATRA uses CAT 5e cabling to provide Power over Ethernet and prevent signal loss to the perimeter of the building.


QUATRA is designed to improve indoor cellular coverage without any risk of interference on the mobile network, and provides a network-safe solution that has been engineered to deliver multiple levels of network protection:

  • Uplink power control to prevent desensitizing the network
  • Echo-cancellation and feedback control
  • Uplink muting, when handsets (UE) are not detected
  • Signal qualification – channels are individually qualified, so noise or very poor signals won’t be amplified and degrade the network


Scalable Solutions – QUATRA is a scalable solution that utilizes one or multiple Network Units, depending on the environment and the size of the space. You can have up to four distributed Coverage Units connect to each Network Unit.

Off-Air Mode – Cel-FI QUATRA can be installed off-air, using either a MIMO panel or omni donor antenna to provide high-quality in-building wireless connectivity. QUATRA can be deployed by installers or IT personnel with Cat5e skills.

Supercell Mode – A Supercell is comprised of a Cel-Fi QUATRA system connected to a small cell. Multiple QUATRA systems can be connected to a single small cell, or multiple small cells, to form a coordinated Supercell. A Supercell is more efficient than multiple small cells, and the coverage units of a QUATRA system connected to a Supercell do not interfere with one another.


QUATRA is available in two different versions with coordinating components. Multiple configurations are available by region and band specification needs.


QUATRA 1000 is a single-carrier, MIMO (multiple-input and multiple-output), Active DAS Hybrid solution that can be configured in Off-Air or Supercell modes. QUATRA 1000 solutions are scalable and can be deployed alongside one another to deliver dual carrier coverage.


QUATRA 2000 is a dual-carrier, Active DAS Hybrid that can be configured for an Off-Air donor antenna. QUATRA 2000 solutions are scalable and can be deployed alongside one another to deliver multi-carrier coverage.

Cel-Fi WAVE Portal

The Cel-Fi WAVE Platform enables device management and maintenance of Cel-Fi QUATRA systems. The Cel-Fi WAVE Platform mobile app facilitates ease of use on site. Alerts and alarms can be used as configured out of the box or they can be customized however the owner or admin chooses.

The Cel-Fi WAVE Platform is a cloud-based remote management platform that allows users/operators to manage multiple Cel-Fi QUATRA systems. Features of the platform include:

  • Cel-Fi device and asset management
  • Data modeling and reporting
  • Mobile and computer applications
  • Globally trusted carrier-grade security
  • Users can access the Cel-Fi WAVE Platform portal through the dashboard interface, or integrate it via APIs.

Tech Specs


Bands 2/4/5/12
Bands 2/4/5/13
Bands 1/3/8/20
Bands 1/7/8/20
Bands 1/3/7/8
Bands 3/5/7/28
Bands 4/5/12/13/25

All systems are reconfigured to specific carriers



Power Operating Temperature

54V DC
0 to 40 Degrees Celsius


Mounting system provided with multiple options for flexible placement.