HCI’s wireless intercom and paging systems integrate with your two-way radio system to provide an easy-to-use and reliable mass communication and emergency notification system, ensuring the safety of your staff, faculty, and/or students.

Intercom Systems

Easy and economical way to incorporate a two-way voice communication system with intercom stations throughout a facility. Visiplex can add or replace an existing intercom system for enhanced safety.

Paging Systems

Voice and data wireless paging systems for instant alerts and emergency announcements throughout any sized facility using wireless equipment. Visiplex can easily add, replace or expand an existing paging system.

Emergency Notification Systems

Wireless emergency notification solutions that provide efficient audible and visual notifications. Through instant, precise voice and visual alerts, this system instructs how to behave during emergency situations.

Wireless Time Synchronization

Schools, hospitals and many other facilities have a critical need to synchronize their clocks and bells to one time source. This system sends accurate time information to keep all clocks and bells synchronized.

Break Bell Systems

Innovative systems that initiate break bells, voice and tone alerts through wireless PA speakers, according to a predefined schedule. Add or replace an existing system with this cost-effective wireless solution.

Nurse Call Systems

Easy to install wireless resident call system specially designed for assisted living centers and nursing homes. Residents can initiate calls using wireless pull cords, intercoms or pendant transmitters.