What is Voice over IP?

Voice over internet protocol, better known as VoIP, is a business phone solution that uses broadband internet to make phone calls instead of a regular (analog) phone line. A VoIP phone works the same way that a traditional phone would, the only difference is that you are now leveraging your high-speed internet to make calls, as opposed to the expensive phone company lines.

For your business to succeed in today’s competitive environment effective communication that is mobile, flexible and scalable is key. HCI has partnered with Pulsar360 to enable your organization to have access to award-winning VoIP solutions that focus on improving business collaboration. With Pulsar360’s web-based and easy-to-use System Management Portal at its core, you have the control to quickly make changes to your entire VoIP phone system on-the-go.
We understand that you need to focus on improving collaboration and growing your organization. Let HCI focus on designing and implementing the best enterprise communications solution for you without the enterprise price.

Why burden yourself and your IT team with more infrastructure to manage and maintain when you can rely on HCI’s PBX Hosting solution to manage your system for you? Our cloud-hosted phone system gives you unprecedented power and flexibility over your company’s communications, and saves you money at the same time. Cloud-based phone systems require no hardware, easily scale with your growing organization, and provide you unprecedented power over business communications.

  • Enterprise functionality
  • Highest reliability rating in the industry
  • Manage your system wherever you are
  • No maintenance and installation costs

Transform your outdated analog phone system into a feature-rich and cost-effective communication and collaboration solution that will enhance your business productivity with our Premise Based PBX system. Our Premise Based system is designed for those organizations that need a fully-featured, commercially supported, turnkey business communications solution.

  • Maintain full control over your communications
  • Disaster Recovery solution available

Do you want the control of a Premise Based system and the mobility and reliability of a Hosted solution? Ask HCI about a hybrid VoIP phone system designed to best fit your organization’s needs. We will work with you to build the most robust and scalable solution for your budget.

  • Built with business mobility in mind
  • Disaster Recovery back-up
  • Full control and system management

Easily transition from analog to VoIP with our low cost of entry with SIP Trunk solution. A SIP Trunk allows your current business phone system to instead work off of the internet, rather than the traditional phone lines. SIP Trunks do not require you to change your old hardware, while providing you the functionality and benefits of an internet-based communications solution.

  • Lower lifetime maintenance costs
  • Enterprise functionality
  • Lowest cost of entry to VoIP

Reliability Promise

Why partner with HCI on your new VoIP business phone system? We’re able to ensure a service level agreement of 99.995%! What does this mean for you? We guarantee that total downtime per calendar year will be less than 28 minutes (the lowest in the industry).

Disaster Recovery

Keep your business communications alive when the unexpected occurs with our Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery service. Disaster Recovery means that your VoIP system will automatically reroute incoming calls to a designated off-site number, such as a cell phone or landline. This means that your business continues to operate in the event of a power, system or circuit failure.

Business VoIP FAQs

Yes, if you remain in the same geographic area, then we are able to transfer your current phone number to the new system.

YES! We can provide a cost savings to any scale organization by migrating you to a VoIP solution.

The amount and type of equipment that you need depend on what type of VoIP solution that you are looking for. Some solutions, like SIP trunks, require very little new hardware to get you up and running, while a premise-based system requires a greater amount of new hardware.

Since VoIP needs a relatively low amount of bandwidth you should be able to make a call and search the internet at the same time without problems. If this is a concern for you, then we can take a deeper look and find a solution that will best fit your needs.