Alarm Management

Send alarm notifications to your emergency response group with the press of a button.

Dispatch Console

Streamline communication between field workers and HQ instantly with a simple network connection.

Indoor & Outdoor GPS

Combine Bluetooth and GPS technology to track radio users within and without your campus and/or city.

Lone Worker

Ensure your team members’ safety with lone workers routine ‘alive checks,’ resulting in an automatic emergency alert if no response is given.

Man Down

Using your MOTOTRBO radios accelerometer, when Man Down detects an unusual tilt or lack of movement an emergency signal is automatically sent out to your emergency response group.

Radio Recording

Record, log and playback radio-to-radio and radio-to-phone conversations on your MOTOTRBO radio network.


Telephone interconnection that allows MOTOTRBO radio users to make and receive phone calls on the two-way radio.

Work Ticketing Management

The work ticketing interconnect allows for instant work ticket distribution, acceptance and alerting between administration and their team members.