What is a Wireless Network?

In it’s simplest form, a wireless network is a computer network that connects devices, equipment, and locations using radio waves rather than cables. Why spend a ton of money on running cables to connect devices within your facility, or try to connect sites that are on the other side of the city? A wireless network can solve your data link problems with minimal hardware install.


Wi-Fi is a wireless internet connection or network within and without a business’ office, facility or campus. Wi-Fi allows you to connect smartphones, computers and other devices to the internet, or your business’ private network without the use of cables.


A point-to-point, or P2P, system is a wireless network that provides a data channel between two different points, or nodes. Think of a point-to-point system like a phone call, except the nodes are sharing data between the locations instead of two voices.


A point-to-multipoint, or P2MP, system is a wireless network that provides data pathways between multiple locations. In keeping with the phone analogy, a point-to-multipoint solution would be a group call, except it is a business with multiple locations sharing data with each location.